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Click here to buy As Seen on TV Atomic Beam Tactical Grade LED Flashlight by Tele Brands.
As Seen on TV Atomic Beam Tactical Grade LED Flashlight
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on 9-21-2018.
Item Description

As Seen On TV Atomic Beam - Tactical Grade Bright Flashlight:
  • Atomic Beam Flashlight
  • Tough grade tactical LED flashlight
  • Portable and easy to use handheld flashlight
  • Up to an incredible 5,000 lux
Buyer Reviews
Decent light but definitely NOT 40x brighter than anything, other than maybe 2x as bright as my phone's flashlight and 1.5x as bright as my 2 for $1.99 (9 led)cheap flashlights from the dollar store. Don't waste the money. I own a 580 Lumen Quantum tactical flashlight from Harbor Freight that is not only brighter than this, lighter, cheaper, better zoom focus ability don't have to hit the switch 5-6x to get thru all the modes just to shut it off!!! Annoying and truthfully not that bright. There are definitely comparable lights, for less money, that far exceed what this flashlight is. Don't be fooled by the \"5000 lux inch rating, it means nothing which is likely why they didn't bother with lumens, the standard measurement of portable light in today's market.
Features & Specs
  • Aluminum Tactical Grade Flashlight
  • Waterproof LED Bright Flashlight
  • 40x brighter than other flashlights
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