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Click here to buy SWAGTRON Swagger High Speed Adult Electric Scooter; Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Fiber; Easy Fold-n-Carry Design (Black) by Swagtron.
SWAGTRON Swagger High Speed Adult Electric Scooter; Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Fiber; Easy Fold-n-Carry Design (Black)
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on 10-2-2018.
Item Description

Buyer Reviews
When the package arrived, the outer box looked used, and 2 previous shipping stickers were removed from the box with a knife. The outer box actually has knife cutouts in it. It was obviously opened and re-taped (see pictures). Strange. Additionally, the box containing the battery charger was not closed. It was open. It made me suspect this was not a new scooter. On to the review. If you are a commuter, this electric scooter will get you to the bus or train much faster, and with a bit of fun! I use it for the mile ride to and from the bus stop and home, and then also for any short jaunts in between to get me where I need to be much faster than without it. Going downhill, I reached the top speed of 21mph according to the well lit device on the scooter. (I had no idea I was going that fast until I looked at the gauge) A word about braking. The red brake on the handlebar is not smooth at all. Be very, very gentle with it, as it wants to stop you more quickly than you are expecting and if you are not careful, you can throw yourself off the scooter. (this comes in handy on downgrades when you want to slow down, so I see it as an advantage, I just have to be careful with the touchiness of this brake) It will not take you up tough hills, but it will assist you as you scoot, and slight grades and flats are a breeze. I am concerned right now about longevity on the battery life as I have not found a way to get the batteries replaced so far, and that was always something to be maintained when I owned an electric bike. I am guessing this will go a total of 4 miles on a single charge (I am at the weight limit). It will go further for those who weigh less, but the 15 miles advertised seems exaggerated. I have been out with it twice now. I will write again in a few weeks for a status update.
Features & Specs
  • The strong scooter frame handles up to 250 lbs and makes it just as fun for adults as kids
  • Fully UL 2272 compliant and capable of 17 miles on a single 1.5 hour charge
  • Backlit LED display