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Carex Quick-Lock Raised Toilet Seat Elevator
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on 11-14-2017.
Buyer Reviews
There are good features re: Carex Seat--the opening is large, the seat is comfortable, the opening in front is adequate. However, the locking device seems almost unnecessary since you can just slip the probe on the seat under your raised toilet seat lid without installing the part over your bolts. The fault I find is the tiny rubber pcs. which go under the front of the seat to stabilize and keep the Carex seat from slipping side to side, etc. They FALL OFF. I could tell they would. The seat was solid when I first put it on the toilet, but when I had to take it off because I was having someone visit--the little rubber piece fell off one side and into the toilet and was flushed away before I could retrieve it. So there is now one stabilizing rubber piece and I am so nervous when I lift the seat off that it too will fall in toilet. Surely the manufacture does not believe that the seat will never be coming off the toilet! The tiny pieces are needed.
Features & Specs
  • Innovative system locks the raised seat to toilet
  • Extra-wide opening with large front cutout
  • Elevates existing toilet seat by 4\"