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Click here to buy Ozark Trail 20F degree Cold Weather Double Mummy Sleeping Bag.
Ozark Trail 20F degree Cold Weather Double Mummy Sleeping Bag
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on 2-12-2018.
Buyer Reviews
This bag is good. Let's start there. I was camping on Mount Palomar and the temps went into the 40's. It kept me warm and cozy from my shoulders to my toes. It feels soft and fluffy and the inner pocket liner made it warmer yet. It's nice to have the inner liner so that you don't have to wash the sleeping bag after every use. I am 6'6 inch and this bag did not cover my head. I slept with a watch cap on and that made all the difference. The back piece is confusing as it looks like it should pull over your head but it cannot. I couldn't fit another person in my sleeping bag maybe me and my wife snuggling or the two kids but not two plutonic adults. Or two adults who have been married a long time and one gets too hot and the other one's a snorer and a kicker. Well hopefully you get my meaning. I would by it again but not as a two person. I wish it were a little bit longer but then 6'6 inch is outside of the normal range. I would give it 4 stars if I read the description and it said what I wrote here. As it stands it does the job for me or my wife and one kid.
Features & Specs
  • Size: 83 inch x 55\"
  • Shell: Polyester rhombus ripstop 75d/230t w/r cire
  • Temperature: 20 degrees