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Fremont Knives Hunter's Tool Kit
In stock at Cabelas
on 3-12-2018.
Item Description
Designed for the big-game hunter demanding lightweight simplicity and functionality, Fremont Knives' Hunter's Tool Kit delivers three knives that can tackle all of your field-dressing tasks. The gutting knife zips through thick hide without cutting open the gut. The curved caping knife ensures the skin and hide stay intact for the taxidermist. The skinning knife makes quick work of the entire process. Knives are made of 4CR15 stainless steel for years of strength, sharpness and durability. Kit includes nylon sheaths with polypropylene inserts.
• Gutting Knife
Blade length: 3.25".
OAL: 7".  
Wt: 1.5".  
• Caping Knife
Blade length: 2.25".
OAL: 6".  
Wt: 1.2".  
• Skinning Knife
Blade length: 2.12".
OAL: 5.5".  
Wt: 1.2".

Features & Specs
  • Lightweight simplicity and functionality
  • 4CR15 stainless steel for years of performance
  • Gutting, caping and skinning knives