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Click here to buy Stansport 16903 6-Piece Iron Cook Set by Stansport.
Stansport 16903 6-Piece Iron Cook Set
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on 6-17-2018.
Item Description
  • 10 inch fry pan
  • 5qt chicken fryer with lid
  • 10 inch Dutch oven & Dutch oven lid lift
  • Hot handle holder
  • Buyer Reviews
    Walmart was quick to ship, thats why I shop so much from However, the set i ordered was thin, had jagged edges and was flawed in several areas. The box was damaged, and pieces were missing out of it too. There was rust on it, and im not sure why it was shipped in such a bad condition. When i called Stansport, they wouldnt help me, they told me i needed to contact the store i bought the set from. With my experience from purchasing an off-brand, i am not interested in taking my chances again. Ide rather pay a little more for the Lodge brand and get quality made right here in USA than get a deal on a sub-standard product made elsewhere. Having said all that, Walmart kept up their standard of quality customer service and promptly refunded me with no problem.
    Features & Specs
    This Stansport 6-Piece Set includes pre-seasoned cast-iron cookware, which is ideal for camping and outdoor use