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Click here to buy Camillus First Aid 3 Day Survival Kit 73 PC, 1.0 CT by ACME UNITED CORPORATION.
Camillus First Aid 3 Day Survival Kit 73 PC, 1.0 CT
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on 10-3-2018.
Item Description

Camillus First Aid 3 Day Survival Kit. This survival kit contains 3 days worth of food and water for 1 person, hand warmers, flashlight, flashlight batteries, light stick, whistle, survival blanket, rain poncho, plastic bandage strips, antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, triple antibiotic ointment packets, alcohol wipes, first aid burn cream packets, sting relief wipes, eye pad with strips, knuckle bandages, fingertip bandages, extra large bandages, waterproof bandages, butterfly wound closure, first aid tape roll, metal tweezers, tourniquet, scalpel blade, first aid guide, ibuprofen tablets, antacid tablets and acetaminophen tablets.

  •          Camillus First Aid 3 Day Survival Kit.
  •          First Aid Kit with emergency food & water.
  •          73 Piece kit includes: 21 Pieces of Emergency Survival Gear.
  •          46 Pieces of Essential First Aid Supplies.
  •          6 Medication Tablets.
  •          1 Person.

Buyer Reviews
I bought this kit to have as an EDC (Every Day Carry) in the trunk of my car. It is there in case I need it. Overall the kit is good. Has three days of food and water. The food being a 2400 calorie emergency ration bar which contains six 400 calorie individual bars. the water is six 4 oz bags of water. Items included are fairly stock, with the exception of the included flashlight. It is a piece of junk. Buy a mini-mag light for $8.47 with some spare batteries.I also attached my Bear Grylls ultimate survival knife to the molle straps on the back of the kit. I added a multi tool to the kit. The bag has three external pockets that do not have anything in them, the entire contents of the included kit fit in the main compartment. So you have some extra space for other gear. I will be adding a lifestraw water filter and some millenium bars to have some extra.All in all, a good start to being prepared for an unforeseen incident.
Features & Specs
  • 73-piece survival kit
  • Designed to snap onto existing gear
  • Available in assorted colors