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Click here to buy Barnett Hunting Whitetail Hunter II Realtree Xtra Crossbow by Barnett.
Barnett Hunting Whitetail Hunter II Realtree Xtra Crossbow
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on 10-3-2018.
Item Description

Barnett Crossbows Whitetail Hunter II Realtree Xtra:
  • 4x32mm Multi-Reticle
  •  Rope Cocking Device 
  • Side Mount Quiver 
  • Two 20 Headhunter Arrows 
  • String Dampeners 
  • Lubrication Wax
  • Overall weight of 6.4 pounds
  • 350 FPS speed 
  • 150-pound draw weight 
  • Ideal crossbow for hunters of all skill levels and sizes 
Buyer Reviews
Easy for senior hunters. 150 lb. draw wt. 350 fps. Don't use a hay bale and target to sight in. It blows through a bale like it's not even there. (Tore off fletching too) With a crossbow target (Bone Collector) I have 3 arrows touching in center of target at 40 yds. Very accurate..Well worth the money !!!
Features & Specs
  • Comfortable 165-pound draw weight 
  • Slings arrows at 400 feet per second 
  • Effectively shifts weight from rise to the stock