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Click here to buy 26" 36V Foldable Bike Electric Power Mountain Bike Bicycle with Lithium-Ion Battery Smt.
26" 36V Foldable Bike Electric Power Mountain Bike Bicycle with Lithium-Ion Battery Smt
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on 2-12-2018.
Buyer Reviews
You want the details? Shipped safely, everything was in the box, assembly was novice level, tools were included. Charging was easy. 3 levels of assist, full throttle available if you set the assist at zero with power on. I only commute to my office each day, 3.5 miles each way. Ample charge left, so I don't know the range outside of 7 miles. It looks cool, you can't tell I'm barely working and laughing inside at all the cyclists that are working hard. I ride only bike trails and it is silent. The light illuminates extremely well. I'm 6'1\", 185#. It does not fit my frame, but who cares? I get to fake my way to work and each day, I feel better because if you want the pedal assist, you have to move the pedals, so I still get a bit of a work out. I added a gel pad to the seat. My iphone GPS indicates the top speed, high assist or no assist at 17 mph. I made it to work in 16 minutes due to our awesome bike trails and my awesome bike. The wheels are true, the shifting is great, but I now never shift out of high gear because it is so easy to cross at the crosswalks with the throttle. I act like I'm trying but the cars can't see that I'm just gently twisting the throttle as they yield to the stop light at the crosswalks. The price was half to a third of any other bicycle I looked at. No regrets. The only unknown for me is how long the battery pack will last. I will let you know....
Features & Specs
  • Suitable for men riders, Mountain bike tires
  • Smart Phone fast USB Charging Interface design
  • Speed up to 25km/h,High speed brushless shock