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Click here to buy Minn Kota TrollIng Motor Power Center 1820175 by Minn Kota / Johnson Outdoors, Inc.
Minn Kota TrollIng Motor Power Center 1820175
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on 7-7-2018.
Item Description

Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Center:
  • Features easy-access external battery terminals that allow trolling motor leads and charger leads to be connected without opening the box
  • Built-in battery meter displays current state of charge inch information
  • Two 12V accessory plugs
  • 2 manual-reset circuit breakers
  • Boat trolling motor battery fits group 24- and 27-size batteries
  • Model# 1820175
Buyer Reviews
Very satisfied with this Minn Kota Power Center. If you are looking for a simple \"box inch to place your battery in, there are much cheaper options available. However, this item provides the recommended circuit breakers and other options to complete your trolling motor (and other 12 volt needs) installation. Note that some jurisdictions require your battery to be mounted securely, this item provides the necessary mounts, with hardware, for easy install. Strap provided is sturdy as is the overall product. It's what one would expect from a company like Minn Kota. The thumbscrews for the positve & negative connections on the outside of the box are heavily coated and the exposed studs are gold plated. Cables are heavy as well...nothing flimsy about the package. The folding handle on the top lid is made heavy and I foresee no problem in this box handling the weight of a Group 29 or 31 battery. By the way, the description states for Group 24/27 batteries...a Group 31 will fit and that was a concern for my application. I opted to mount mine to the floor using the supplied hardware and if I wish to remove the entire box along with installed battery, there are 2 cupped handles on each end to lift it out. I wouldn't try to lift a heavy battery inside the box with the lid-mounted handle although if the strap was in position and cinched up tight, I would think it would stand up to the lifting.I am using this on a 2-man Bass Raider-type boat and this Power Center box will keep the battery from moving around when moving and launching once mounted. I like it so well that I'm considering a second Center for another battery. It makes for a very clean install.
Features & Specs
  • External battery terminals
  • Built-in battery meter
  • 2 manual-reset circuit breakers