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Click here to buy Summer Waves Elite 12-ft x 24-ft Rectangular 52-in Deep Metal Frame Swimming Pool Package by Blue Wave.
Summer Waves Elite 12-ft x 24-ft Rectangular 52-in Deep Metal Frame Swimming Pool Package
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on 10-2-2018.
Item Description
  • Soft-Sided metal frame pool
  • Constructed of heavy gauge PVC reinforced with polyester mesh
  • SkimmerPlus filtration system attaches to sidewall; removable built-in skimmer basket for easy cleaning
  • Patented cartridge filter with built-in chlorinator accepts 1-in tablets
  • Sturdy A-frame ladder
  • Maintenance kit comes with vac hose, leaf skimmer, telepole and vacuum head
  • Pool cover included
  • Braces on outside of rectangular pools add and additional 18.5-in to each side
Buyer Reviews
We purchased this pool because we don't want a permanent fixture in our backyard. You do need to SERIOUSLY LEVEL the ground. We did hire an excavator to level it for us as the area was large and would have taken us forever to do by hand. Our yard had a very obvious downhill slope and it was very necessary to level it. It took 3 people to pull the sides up but my husband got everything ready to that point myself. I would say it wasn't that difficult, other than making sure you're level first. Make sure not to assemble when it's too cool (above 60) and not to drag the liner across the yard, you don't want to put a hole in it. I was very concerned when filling the pool with water how the sides bowed inward quite a bit. I went to the website provided in the instructions and chatted with someone right away. It was totally normal, provided it was level, and it did straighten out once the water filled to the required level. We got the 12 x 24 Pro Series (with skimmer). You really need the skimmer to properly maintain your pool. It's only May 25, so it will still be a bit before we can go in it, but it sure does look nice and roomy. I will now have plenty of space to float. In the photos, we are in the midst of getting a lot of rain, so the water around the pool is not from the pool, it's rain water. Also the pool has yet to be cleaned; we didn't turn on the filter yet; it's been rainy weather for a few days now, needs a good cleaning first before getting that going. Plus the area around the outside of pool still has to be cleaned up and made pretty, but so far I'm very happy with it.
Features & Specs
  • Pool
  • Skimmer & Return
  • Ladder
  • Cover
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Ideal for 6-10 kids/adults