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Click here to buy RWS Model 34 .177 Pellet Air Rifle with Scope by Generic.
RWS Model 34 .177 Pellet Air Rifle with Scope
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on 5-26-2018.
Item Description

RWS Model 34 .177 Pellet Air Rifle with Scope:
  • Monte Carlo stock is made of hardwood
  • Easy to hold and shoot
  • Ambidextrous cheek piece provides extra comfort
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Rifled barrel
  • Both the .177 and .22 calibers are ideal for plinking, paper and spinning air gun targets
  • Material content: steel, wood
  • Imported
Buyer Reviews
I ordered this rifle and it was shipped to me right on time. That was good. The rifle and scope arrived in a triangular UPS express tube box. The original box that the rifle came in was nowhere to be seen. The rifle was in its original plastic bag with no other protection. The barrel was protruding from the end of the of the box as it had poked through the shipping box. The scope was inside its original box but was crushed on one end. The barrel had a big dent in the end of it. I put the scope on the rifle to see if would shoot alright. There was very little consistency to the patterns that I was shooting. There was another problem with the scope. This was not Walmarts fault. The adjustment screws were in the wrong places. The elevation screw was on the left side of the scope and the windage screw was on top. They should have been reversed. It doesn`t affect how the scope works but it does make it a lot harder to remember how to move the screws to make the adjustments. Once I took the scope of and used the iron sights the gun patterned very well. I am happy with the rifle but the scope is worthless. The shipping department didn`t do a very good job with their packaging. At this point I would recommend this rifle but I would suggest they purchase it elsewhere.
Features & Specs
  • Monte Carlo stock is hardwood
  • Easy to hold and shoot
  • Ambidextrous cheek piece