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Cyclops Thor X Colossus Spotlight
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on 11-19-2017.
Buyer Reviews
I've had mine for about three years now, and I always keep it plugged into the charger when it's not in use. When fully charged, inch hi inch is super bright. It is large enough that it's best used as a cordless work light. Set it up to illuminate your workspace, then get to work. I find it is too big to use as a hand flashlight for detail work like taking care of farm animals at night. I have recommended it once to an older friend who was living alone in an apartment complex. She was afraid she saw someone hiding in the trees just outside, looking in her windows. I told her to get one of these so she could shine it out the window and directly into his eyes. Guaranteed he'll look away, but no possibility of permanent injury either. I don't think it's bright enough to cause eye damage, just discomfort. In short, I really like it.
Features & Specs
  • Durable rubberized construction
  • Philips H4 130W bulb
  • Adjustable stand swivels