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SpiderWire Stealth Braid Fishing Line
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on 10-3-2018.
Item Description

SpiderWire Stealth Braid Fishing Line:
  • Up to 30% stronger
  • Color-Lock coating technology: casts farther, lasts longer
  • Dyneema PE Microfiber construction is strong, smooth and round
  • Fluoropolymer-Treated microfibers: shoots through guides like a bullet
  • Whisper quiet for Stealth Attacks
  • Resists digging in inch on reels
  • SpiderWire stealth fishing line is available in a high-visibility yellow or moss green color
  • Offered sizes: 10lb/125yd, 10lb/250yd, 10lb/300yd, 10lb/500yd, 15lb/125yd, 15lb/300yd, 15lb/500yd, 20lb/125yd, 20lb/300yd, 20lb/500yd, 30lb/125yd, 30lb/300yd, 30lb/500yd, 40lb/125yd, 40lb/300yd, 40lb/500lb, 50lb/125yd, 50lb/300yd, 65lb/125yd, 65lb/300, 85lb/125 and 85lb/250yd
Buyer Reviews
Have been using Stealth for many years now. Tried others at first then returned to the best. It's small dia. cuts through the water requiring less weight to fish at greater depths at higher speed. Can't beat it's wet strength and knot strength. Stealth is the only line I trust to give my customers the edge on landing large Catfish. Thanks for such a great product. Capt. Barbara Witherell.
Features & Specs
  • New and Improved and up to 30 percent Stronger
  • New Filler Package
  • Color-Lock coating technology