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American Furniture Classics 5-Gun Safe
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on 7-7-2018.
Item Description

American Furniture Classics 5-Gun Safe, #905, Black:
  • Made from high-strength metal
  • Textured black paint finish with gold accents
  • High-quality carpet included
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting to the wall or floor
  • High-performance blade-locking system
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Weight: 74 lbs
  • Dimensions: 10W x 10D x 55H
Buyer Reviews
This is my first long-gun safe. I own an 870 wingmaster modified for home defense with an 18 inch barrel, browning 12ga, remington 30-30 and a bushmaster ar15. Everything will fit in the safe fine, but be warned that an AR15 needs to be leaned to the side slightly. It cannot be straight up or the door will not close. Not a big deal, just an FYI.Also, I'm glad I played around with locking and unlocking the safe before actually installing it. Eventually, I could not turn the key to open the safe. It was totally stuck. I had to turn the safe upside down and shake it a bit before I could unlock it. You can take the cover off and expose the locking mechanisms. There are a few spots you should drop some grease on and since I did that I have not had a problem using the key to unlock. So if I were you I would take off the locking mechanism cover, see how it works, and add some grease to a few spots. You'll see under the plate where everything moves and where to put grease. Other than that I love this safe and bought it for it's size. Fits great in my little closet and fits what I have (so far anyway, can't have too many).I bolted the safe 2 ways. I cut out the carpet to fit the size and got to bare concrete. I had a friend come over with a hammering drill. A regular drill will not work. I could only get the drill to go 1/2 inch into the concrete and that took a long time. With the hammering drill, it took 10 seconds to get 2 inch deep. So rent or have a friend for mounting to the floor. He also brought over his own bolts and washers instead of using the stock bolts so I got lucky with that.Then I just used regular toggle bolts to mount to the drywall since I didn't have a stud to screw it in. Mounting to the wall isn't necessary but I wanted extra protection.Either way, it needs to be mounting because it will fall over. Especially if the door is open. If it were a couple inches deeper, it could fit an AR15 no problem. Just keep that in mind if you're buying it to store multiple AR15's. Might could fit 3 max instead of the advertised 5 since you have to turn them slightly sideways. I can only fit 4, but it will fit a full-size long barrel shotgun and the shelf no problem.Overall a great safe and I highly recommend it if you own a handful of longguns. I've had it for a few months now.
Features & Specs
  • Made from high-strength metal
  • High-quality carpet included
  • Comes fully assembled