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Click here to buy Sun Dolphin WaterTender 9.4' Boat by KL Industries, Inc.
Sun Dolphin WaterTender 9.4' Boat
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on 8-16-2018.
Item Description

Sun Dolphin Industries WaterTender 9.4' Boat:
  • Oar lock sockets
  • WaterTender boat has drink holders
  • Impact-resistant hull and deck
  • Dimensions: 9.3'L x 55W x 21H
  • Weight: 114 lbs
  • Capacity: 439 lbs
  • HP rating: 5 HP
  • Deck: white/olive
  • Hull: white/olive
  • Modified tri-hull design maximizes stability and interior room
  • High-density, polyethylene, double-hull construction
  • 2-year hull and deck warranty
  • Meets NMMA/USCG/CE safety standards
Buyer Reviews
This boat is well worth the price. It is basically the same one offered by competitors at higher cost. I believe it is a slightly older model since some others include a small storage area in the stern and this one doesn't. The blank certificate of origin does not indicate model or build year.Tbe WaterTender fits in the bed of a full sized pickup truck. The top of the boat is wider than the space between the truck's wheel well enclosures. But the hull width narrows below the waterline to slide right in and fit between the truck's wheels. It is fairly easy for one person to handle but scuffs up if dragged across tar ramps or driveways.I plan to add fold-up dinghy wheels to assist rolling it down to the water without damage. This addition is difficult because the stern flotation seats are too wide (front to back) to allow through bolting. I plan to try screws and a good marine adhesive.Two people should be able to move the dinghy on land without difficulty since it weighs only a little more than a hundred pounds and has hand grip places at both ends.In the water, the tri-hull design has great static stability. It is easy and safe for kids to move around in. It also floats in very little water. It does not have a drain plug which causes difficulty if it fills with rain or lake water.I have seen another review complaining that the dinghy didn't have the seats as shown. Mine has the molded bench seats filled with flotation exactly as shown.My only complaint is that it is difficult to register the boat in Massachusetts because the manufacturer's certificate of origin was left completely blank by the manufacturer and also the Walmart Internet receipt does not designate the state for which sales tax has been collected. Massachusetts seems to want to treat this inexpensive little dinghy as if it is a high priced full sized yacht.
Features & Specs
  • Built-in Oarlock sockets
  • Maximum weight capacity 649 lbs.
  • 5 HP Rating