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Coghlan's Survival Kit
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on 5-4-2018.
Item Description
Survival Kit
Buyer Reviews
Has about 16 different items, some are repeats such as antiseptic wipes etc. So KIT has more than 16 items. Two cheaply made items are the Compass and Whistle. I have bought the individual Coghlans compass and whistle which are a different quality than in the KIT and those are good to go. The separate individual Compass and Whistle from Coghlans I bought work and will withstand a Camping or Emergency situation. The KIT compass and Whistle are sure to break easily, other than that , the other survival items are okay. Not top of the line but if I was in a bad natural setting, I would welcome EVERYTHING in the KIT. These are good and steady for a BoB also to place in your car trunk or boat for an emergency in cold weather. It's got a little bit of what you might need, fish hooks, weights, line, razor blades, the list on the description from Walmart. The price is superb, the quality (except for compass and whistle) is decent and will suffice for a little while .please believe me, you could not buy these items for less than 18.00 except in a survival kit.
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Coghlan's Survival Kit