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ElectroLight Fire Starter
In stock at Cabelas
on 6-5-2018.
Item Description
Easily light a charcoal grill, wood-burning fireplace or fire pit in two to three minutes without using lighter fluid and other starter chemicals. The ElectroLight Fire Starter generates temperatures up to 1,300°F and has a built-in blower to ignite and quickly fan flames. For added safety, the red start trigger must stay depressed to hold temperature. Highlights of the durable construction include strong polycarbonate handle, aluminum cooling shroud, steel-case heating element and cooling stand. Intermittent power switch controls heating element and blower. 10-ft. heavy-gauge grounded power cord. Two-year limited manufacturer's warranty. ETL-listed.
23.25"L x 4.2"W x 2.4"H.
Features & Specs
  • Use to quickly light your grill, fireplace or fire pit
  • Eliminates the need for starter chemicals
  • Generates temperatures up to 1,300°F
  • Built-in blower fans flames