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Kerosene Lantern, 12"
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on 9-5-2018.
Item Description

Kerosene Lantern, 12:
  • Made of strong metal construction
  • Glass globe
  • Adjustable wick
Buyer Reviews
I bought this at my local Walmart, and one on the shelf was severely bent up while still wrapped in plastic...the one I bought was not covered in plastic but looked perfect. Also grabbed a Coleman Kerosene Quart.I got it home and within 3 steps into my garage, the lantern slipped out of my hand and fell on the concrete :(. There was a dent on the edge of the fount and I feared I broke the seam. But a fill of a little kerosene confirmed NO leak. Impressive! The wires around the globe did their job also, and avoided any glass breakage!I took the globe off by lifting the top lid and tilting the globe toward me, then carefully pulling the glass globe out. I peeled the sticker off the glass but there was still residue - big tip, use kerosene on a paper towel to easily remove sticker residue :)I lit the lantern and immediately noticed it wasn't a very bright flame...too yellow/orange. The instructions claimed the wick was already trimmed properly, but the ends were very frayed/puffy. I blew out the lantern then used some little Swiss Army knife scissors to get the fluffy edges off. Lit it up again and wow, this thing throws light like crazy!Came with an extra wick, but if you trim the wick properly and don't burn it to dryness, it looks like the wick will last a really long time...just chars a little bit.Overall very happy for such a cheap lantern...will use for outdoor evenings in the summer and emergency lighting from power outages.
Features & Specs
  • Made of strong metal construction
  • Glass globe