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Mosquito Barrier 2001 Liquid Spray Repellent (1-Quart)
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on 9-3-2018.
Item Description
Summer time means spending more time outside BBQing, swimming and playing sports. It also means dealing with the nuisance of mosquitos. The most popular mosquito repellants like sprays and citronella torches all contain chemicals and give off an unpleasant odor that lingers for hours. The more potent pesticides you can treat your lawn with are even worse. It can damage plants, sicken house pets and kill other insects like bees that you might want around. A good alternative to these chemical-based repellants is Mosquito Barrier. Mosquito Barrier is an all-natural repellant that’s made of garlic extract and only effects mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can’t stand the odor of garlic and prolonged exposure to its liquid extract is fatal to them. While spraying your flower bed with garlic sounds unpleasant, the smell becomes undetectable to humans within minutes. However mosquitoes can detect it for up to a month or more and they’ll stay out the affected area until the scent is gone. Because this extract is so potent, a single quart bottle is generally enough to last the entire summer.
All Natural Solution This “super garlic” solution repels mosquitos without harsh chemicals and sprays. The juice only repels and harms mosquitoes so it’s safe for children, pets and plants. It also won’t harm beneficial insects like bees and butterflies or spiders. Because Mosquito Barrier is completely non-toxic and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, it’s safe to spread over your lawn to repel mosquitos for weeks at a time
Three Pronged ApproachMosquito Barrier can be utilized in a three-pronged attack against mosquitoes: It quickly kills any adult mosquitoes it’s prayed in, when spread on a lawn of flower bed the scent will repel new mosquitoes from the area for up to a month or longer, and it can be mixed with a little bit of canola oil and poured into standing water to form a thin film that suffocates any mosquito larvae present.
Buyer Reviews
It has been wonderful to enjoy the outdoors and have no mosquitos or gnats to irritate us! Love this stuff. At first, it's a strong smell of garlic and is great...use liberally..on the ground, overhead on tree limbs ...use a misty spray bottle and spray a barrier!
Features & Specs
  • Natural product
  • Repels pests
  • One applications lasts 3-4 weeks
  • Won't harm pets or children in yard
  • No harmful fumes or chemicals