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Click here to buy VLF Metal Detector with Automatic Tuning and Ground Balance by First Texas Products.
VLF Metal Detector with Automatic Tuning and Ground Balance
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on 2-12-2018.
Buyer Reviews
I found $5 dollars in quarters in my front yard. I was surprised. It's a little cold now, but will definitely search the entire yard. I went to a few other locations, and found a lot of other stuff. The discriminator takes a little adjusting to. The noises it makes to differentiate between trash, and coins or other metal is a little rusty. But, every time it says there is metal, there is metal. I found pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters so far. I actually worked out too. Took a shovel, and dug for a long time, hours at a time. Some days I only found 6 cents, others a dollar. It's not meant to find treasure, but it's great for a hobby. If someone had said go dig, go workout for 3 hours, I wouldn't do it. If someone said go metal detect with this metal detector, I would... Whoever buys it, have fun. Don't get frustrated if you don't find too much stuff at first. I realized that the earth is really just a lot of dirt... But with a little precious metal in it. Have fun!!
Features & Specs
  • Detects coin-sized objects up to 6 inch deep; larger items up to 2'
  • Trash eliminator control removes undesirable items from detection
  • Treasure meter determines strength of signal to pinpoint location of object