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Click here to buy AccelaFrame HD Shelter, 12' x 15' x 9' by Shelterlogic.
AccelaFrame HD Shelter, 12' x 15' x 9'
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on 11-22-2017.
Buyer Reviews
This has been a GREAT product for protecting our car during a Western NY Winter. It sheds snow and rain well. It also stands up remarkably well to wind and buffeting of the elements.Anchoring is critical, however and so far I have not found the correct best solution. I have added four anchors to the four provided; heavier duty, and placed at the 4 corners.The recent 80-90mph hurricane winds in WNY upended the unit when the anchors failed. One corner ground anchor pulled completely out of the ground.The cabling provided is not long enough to anchor it well, and I have not found the right combination of strength, ease of installation and durability to ensure stability.That said, this unit has stood up extremely well under difficult conditions, and the most recent 80-90mph winds were a freak occurrence. I have been able to reset the unit, and will be able to continue to use it once I solve the anchoring challenge.
Features & Specs
  • AccelaFrame quick frame assembly system
  • Increased building strength
  • Less chance of making errors