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Click here to buy Benjamin Titan NP with scope .22 Cal Air Rifle BW8M22NP by Benjamin.
Benjamin Titan NP with scope .22 Cal Air Rifle BW8M22NP
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on 7-7-2018.
Item Description
*Benjamin Titan NP with scope .22 Cal Air Rifle BW8M22NP
Buyer Reviews
I recently bought my Benjamin Titan .22 from Walmart for $148 after reading many positive reviews on this gun..The Benjamin Titan is solid,powerful,accurate and ever so silent..I love everything about the build of the gun..The trigger and scope suited me just fine..Took me around 30-40 shots and i was hitting bullseyes and everything i shot at between 30-55 yards using crosman premier hollow points..Give this gun 75-100 shots and you will actually see the power increase to what i believe is maximum power of 730-750 fps chrono'd w/lead pellets or 950 fps w/high velocity pellets..(Goes through 1/2 inch plywood at 35-40 yards easily)..Very powerful and silent!!..FYI-Oil the outside of the barrel with 3 and 1 oil every 2 to 3 uses to avoid rust spotting like you would any other blue barreled gun and you MUST manually activate the safety lever as it is not automatic..Nitro Piston power is the future!!..Nuff said.
Features & Specs
  • Nitro Piston Powerplant
  • Shoots .22cal Pellets up to 950fps
  • Beautiful Hardwood Stock