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Bushnell TRKR 1000 Lumen Lantern
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on 1-19-2018.
Buyer Reviews
This item worked well at first, but after a few camping trips, I started to notice a connection problem with the battery contacts. Now it is very difficult to get the latern to work at all without fiddling around with the battery compartment door.The battery door is very poor and flimsy, so I think there is a design flaw. Or maybe I just got a lemon? I am very careful with my camping equipment and treat it well.Worst part is that I emailed Bushnell to let them know of the problem and I received the following response. Doesn't seem Bushnell is even willing to stand behind a product with their name on it.\"I am happy to help you with this Bushnell did not manufactur this particular flashlight. Insight2Design is the manufacturer. They purchased the rights to use our name on their product. Please call them at : 1-888-774-5840Thanks Drew\"
Features & Specs
  • CREE LED technology
  • 4 light modes: high/low/spotlight/red
  • Area light and spotlight options