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Click here to buy 700C Schwinn Central Men's Commuter Bike, Black by Pacific Cycle.
700C Schwinn Central Men's Commuter Bike, Black
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on 2-18-2018.
Buyer Reviews
I have just received by mail Schwinn Dodger bike, assembled it and made a test ride. Because the Dodger has been discontinued, I decided to write my review here. The Central mode differs only in additional head and tail lights and a cable lock. My major concern about the Dodger is that its from wheel is too close to pedals. This must totally apply tot he Central. Whenever the wheel is turned by 30 degrees, my toes are touching the fender. Because this can only happen on very slow speed, this defect is not critical. However, this is a severe design defect.Also I was getting some knocking noise in the cranks while pedaling. Presumably, the factory assembling should be blamed. I am sure that I have assembled my bike correctly. I have also installed plastic toe clips on it (see the image). So, keep in mind that this defect is present. Other reviews of the Dodger indicate same. I have not read the reviews about the Central though. Just my $0.02.
Features & Specs
  • Aluminum commuter frame
  • Interlock-integrated seat post bike lock
  • Includes front commuting light