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Click here to buy Coleman 12V 15PSI SUP Air Pump by COLEMAN.
Coleman 12V 15PSI SUP Air Pump
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on 2-18-2018.
Buyer Reviews
first off,if the listing has not been updated,the photo of the little yellow pump without the hose is incorrectfor the correct product photo / info, refer to like a viable SUP inflator / pumpjust as long as you stay under the 10 minute duty cycle limitation... ( I think the recovery time is 30 minutes,... . i.e. only good for inflating a single board in a practical amount of time... . when you are mobile )Would have given it 5 stars,'ceptthe [+] button does not function&&&the high pressure hose is entirely inadequateas it had a pin hole in it and leaked right outof the boxThe leak could possibly be mitigated with someGorilla Tape, but may also require some sealantif it is in the groove of the hose's corrugation.With the 2 defects, I will be returnng the productthanks to Walmart\"s excellent return policy.I plan to give the product a second try, and even ifthe high pressure hose is defective, as long as nothingelse is defective, it will be a keeper ( unless in the meantime I find a better solution at a comparable price point )
Features & Specs
  • High-pressure pump inflates up to 15 psi for rigid SUP boards
  • Adjustable auto-shutoff