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Click here to buy Cascade Mountain Tech Aluminum Trekking Poles EVA Grip Quick Lock by Cascade Mountain Tech LLC.
Cascade Mountain Tech Aluminum Trekking Poles EVA Grip Quick Lock
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on 6-19-2018.
Item Description

Product Features
  • Now with quick lock height adjustment
  • Burn up to 45% more calories
  • Reduce impact on knees and back
  • Enhance upper-body toning
  • Increase balance
  • For snow
  • For hard surfaces
  • For sand & dirt

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Cascade Mountain Tech LLC,
8146 W. 304th Ave SE,
Preston, WA, 98050.
Buyer Reviews
I needed a quick purchase of a set of poles for a 112 mile hiking trip to the Philmont Scout Ranch in the Santa Cristo Mountains. One of the national backpacking magazines had rated the carbon fiber version as a best buy, but I had heard some stories of carbon fiber poles shattering under pressure. Though this aluminum model was a couple of ounces heavier (not that noticeable to me), these held up under rugged conditions. We trekked three mountains including the descents. These poles did not bend nor break, even with quite a bit of pressure from my body weight, supporting a sore knee and fifty pounds of pack. The locks held for twelve days without need for tightening. It has now survived the hike, three mountains, four hailstorms and nine days of rain on this trek. I would highly recommend and now am going to see the total longevity of the poles. Others can keep buying poles hundreds of dollars; Cascade Mountain has my endorsement as a scout leader!
Features & Specs
  • Lightweight Aluminum constructions
  • Each pole weight 10 oz
  • EVA Grip is light, comfortable and non-slip