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Click here to buy Night Owl Optics NexGen II NexGen II 50mm Monocular by JNL Trading Co. Inc./dba Night Owl Optics.
Night Owl Optics NexGen II NexGen II 50mm Monocular
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on 9-17-2018.
Item Description
It also features an impact-resistant molded thermoplastic lens housing, making it sturdy and durable. This monocular is useful for hunters and others tracking nighttime animal movements.

Night Owl Optics NOXM50 Monocular:
  • Big light gathering lens
  • Night Owl Optics night vision monocular has a sleek body style
  • Image intensifier tube technology
  • 500x Ambient light amplification
  • Night Owl Optics monocular has easy one-hand operation
  • Powerful infrared illumination
  • 39' at a distance of 100' field of view
  • Infrared field of illumination of 35' diameter at 100'
  • Requires one CR-123/3 volt lithium battery (not included)
Buyer Reviews
This is my second night vision monocular by Night Owl. The first one (a much older version) quit working for some unknown reason, so I recommend the warranty. The image is much clearer than older versions by Night Owl (not as grainy) but please know that this IS NOT Gen II! In fact, when researching differences in night vision, Gen I night vision (which this is) is supposed to have at least 1000x light gain. This one touts 500x light gain... Once you get over the \"gee whiz inch factor, you will want more out of your device. Though for the money, it is fair. If I were to do it again I would buy a smaller magnification. Five times magnification is not that powerful for such a sacrifice in field of view. It's akin to looking through a tissue paper cardboard tube. Another thing to consider with ALL of these monoculars is that the infrared light can be seen with the naked eye by the subject (animal/person) when pointed directly at the subject. It looks like a small red 1 inch glowing dot -and you certainly need the infrared illuminator if you expect to see in the dark. With a higher generation night vision device you get many more times light gain and in many applications don't need IR. Just something to consider, though the infrared is not too terribly obvious, just noticeable. Hope this review helps.
Features & Specs
Monocular lets you see in the dark.