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Do All .22 .17 Bullet Box
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on 7-7-2018.
Item Description
.17 / .22 Bullet Box
This portable shooting range for .22 & .17 rim fire gives any shooter the convenience of a quick and safe set up, knowing that heavy duty construction will withstand the punishment from any avid shooter. This unit only weighs 20 lbs. And comes with an instructional DVD.

- Fun Portable Shooting Range
- Soft Nose .22's and .17's (Rim Fire Only)
- Air Gun Non-Steel Pellets
- Quick and Safe Set Up
- Heavy Duty Steel Construction and Powder Coat Paint
- Monster Clip for Paper Target Bulls Eye Accuracy
- 10 inch x 11 inch Target Area
- Instructional DVD
Buyer Reviews
We haven't really used this yet but it appears to be well built and overall all pretty good. Only suggestion would to NOT SHIP it to your home!! I was contacted by the shipping company saying that they required a signature to deliver, they came again while I was working and left a not saying they needed a signature. We called and they \"scheduled inch a window to deliver it but showed up 3 hours early and so yet again I could not get my item. After the 2 days the delivery company was closed I was FINALLY able to go to their store and pick up the bullet box... I almost refused it there at the store because the box was VERY beat up! Walmart just slapped a lable on the regular box the bullet box comes in and it was VERY tore up by the time I got it. I signed for it and brought it home and had it put together in a matter of minutes but I would have had the product a week sooner if I just did site to store. I contacted Walmart and they said they don't require any signature... not sure why it was so hard to get this! I have a few pictures of the condition of the packaging box
Features & Specs
.22/.17 Bullet Box