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Click here to buy Max AP 10' x 20' 2-in-1 Canopy with Extension Kit by ShelterLogic.
Max AP 10' x 20' 2-in-1 Canopy with Extension Kit
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on 1-17-2018.
Buyer Reviews
We were having a party for my nephew's birthday. Being that we're in SE TX, summers are HOT! We decided to not torture our guest and I went ahead and ordered this canopy through Walmart's Marketplace (Plumstruck). It was tall enough, strong enough, and gave sufficient coverage. my brother-in-law assembled the two large sections then 4 of us carried them to our setup spot. He and 2 helpers began putting the cover on, securing to the ground. All the necessary piece came with it, so no need to buy extra stuff. We fit about 7 8ft tables underneath it with those bulky lawn chairs. To our dismay, there was a rain forecast. My sister and I were decorating when the rain began, so we were stuck under canopy during rain fall. Which actually was great because we were able to see first hand how strong it was. The rain did collect on the ends of the tarp, so we would give it a slight nudge for water to fall. I think when it got heavy enough the water would have fell on its own. The top cover overlays on the extensions a couple inches, but during rain the water did manage to get inside. We couldn't figure out why but we nudged it a couple times for water to fall. Only had to do it once. Besides that, nothing in the center got wet, just the sides so we pushed tables towards center. It was great protection from sun, would have been very unpleasant had we not had a canopy. I think it was great for the price and seems to be easy setup.
Features & Specs
  • Includes complete canopy plus expansion panels and extension poles
  • Easy-to-install swedged frame