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Suunto MC-2 Global CM Compass
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on 10-3-2018.
Item Description
  • Fast globally balanced needle with jewel bearing
  • 20 degrees tilt margin for easier readings
  • Adjustable declination correction
  • Liquid filled capsule for stable operation
  • Mirror for sighting bearings and signaling
  • Sighting hole and notch for accurate bearings
  • Luminescent markings for working in low light
Buyer Reviews
For those of you who might find yourself in the middle of nowhere with nothing but your 1:50,000 and a compass, this is the one you want. I'm trying not to sound like I work for Suunto, but because I have used Suunto products religiously over the last decade and in opposite sides of the planet, I have nothing but faith in their products. The MC-2 is easy to read as you can lay it over your map for map detailing. Once you fine-tune your selected heading, the large red arrow is easliy visible between the green heading indicators and is very easy to follow. This compass folds and stores easy. Good luck!
Features & Specs
Suunto MC-2 Global/CM Compass