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Click here to buy Scotty Orca Rod Holder, with #241 Side Deck Mount by Scotty.
Scotty Orca Rod Holder, with #241 Side Deck Mount
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on 7-7-2018.
Item Description

Scotty Orca Rod Holder, with #241 Side/Deck Mount:
  • Comes with #241 Side/Deck Mount
  • Inner sleeve opens in one complete motion allowing rod to be released in an instant
  • Completely adjustable both vertically and horizontally
  • Fibre reinforced engineering nylon, offers strength, resilience and reliability
Buyer Reviews
After reading the review from FlyfisherGR1, I was very hesitant to purchase this rod holder. However, I am so very glad I did. I liked it and bought another! First, the Orca does not come with user instructions or screw/bolt installation kit; hence, I gave it a four-star rating. I searched the Web for how to use the holder, but could not find any good information either. I did find mix reviews and that most people rated the holder well. Here is my take on the Scotty Orca. The base for the holder is fantastic! It should get a five-star. The base is an added bonus because it can also be rail mounted. Just buy 2 U-bolts from Home Depot for $1 each and you're set. See the attached picture. Another awesome feature of the new base design is that it allows the holder to be quickly installed. Just push the holder down directly into the base at the desire fishing angle and it locks itself. When removing the holder, simply press the œpush-button and pull up. The Orca can be used with older Scotty rod holder bases as well! I tested it and it worked well! As for the Orca itself, it is very tricky to open. This information should be made available. It took me a while, but I finally found out by trial and error, that if you pry the Orca open from the front end by the œScotty sign, it can be done easily. I opened it with one hand this way! Do not attempt to open the Orca from the middle or the rear end of the rod holder or you will be disappointed. Likewise, when setting the hook from the rod holder, hold your fishing pole with both hands and jerk up quick from the front end. I did this nearly a dozen times and it performed flawlessly each time! This is an awesome rod holder once you know how to use it. It can be used for trolling or anchored. I highly recommend it for trolling for salmon or anchored fishing for sturgeon, which required quick hook setting.
Features & Specs
  • Comes with #241 Side/Deck Mount
  • Completely adjustable both vertically and horizontally