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Click here to buy 26" Ladies Kent Bayside Bicycle by Kent International Inc.
26" Ladies Kent Bayside Bicycle
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on 10-2-2018.
Item Description
  • Oversized customer step-through sturdy steel frame
  •  7-speed drivetrain with easy twist shifters and Shimano rear derailleur 
  • Front and rear linear pull handbrakes
  • Fenders included
Buyer Reviews
The color is beautiful! I bought this bike in February before it was available to purchase online or from the app. In fact, I had to call 6 different stores (in Houston, TX) to locate one for purchase! Very smooth ride. I dont love the hand brakes yet, as my previous cruiser had the cruiser brakes, and these make a lot of noise because I need to adjust them. The manual leaves much to be desired. I dont mind fixing things myself and am typically very successful at doing so, but it has reached the point where I've had to admit defeat and take my bike back to the store for assistance in removing my rear tire in order to fix a flat I got seemingly out of nowhere... I use my bike to accompany my son to school and to friends houses in our neighborhood. For those things, this bike has been perfect and I feel Ive already gotten my moneys worth! I will note that my previous bike had both a rear rack and a basket, and this bike came only with a cup holder/cell phone holder combo, so I did have to purchase those two items as well. But all in all, Im happy with my purchase and I would most definitely recommend this bike!
Features & Specs
  • Custom step-through aluminum frame
  • Shimano rear derailleur 
  • Front and rear linear pull handbrakes