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Click here to buy ETON Portable Weather Radio,AM FM, NOAA NSP101GR by Eton Corp..
ETON Portable Weather Radio,AM FM, NOAA NSP101GR
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on 6-29-2018.
Item Description
  • Item Type: Portable Weather Radio
  • Brand: ETON
  • Manufacturer Part Number: NSP101GR
Buyer Reviews
I bought this unit to use in situations where the power is out, especially when it is stormy. The weather radio is great because I can get weather alerts, but the thing I like best about this unit is that I can charge my cellphone with it using a regular USB cord. I have another similar unit, but you have to have its special cord and an adapter that come with it. Some people have an unrealistic idea of how long it should take to charge a cellphone. Five minutes of cranking is not an excessive amount of time. Two other features that merit mention are its clock and solar charger. The clock can be set on 12 or 24n hour format. The solar charger is enough to keep clock running and the battery charged indefinitely, of course, the battery will run down eventually if you are running the light and/or radio in low light situations, but it's easy to charge it back up with a few minutes of cranking. Overall this is an excellent emergency radio, light, cellphone charger, clock combo. The carabiner is handy if you want to hang it up, and appears to be very sturdy. And it's reasonably priced.
Features & Specs
  • For Outdoor with NOAA All Hazard - AM, FM - 7 Weather - Portable
  • Scorpion ll Rugged Portable Multi-Purpose Digital Radio with Crank Power Back-Up and Weather Alerts
  • Scorpion II Weather & Alert Radio