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Click here to buy SOG PowerLock S60N-CP 2-1 2" 22 Instrument Folding Blade Multi-Tool by Sog.
SOG PowerLock S60N-CP 2-1 2" 22 Instrument Folding Blade Multi-Tool
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on 7-7-2018.
Item Description
SOG PowerLock S60N-CP 2-1/2 inch 22 Instrument Folding Blade Multi-Tool
Buyer Reviews
Hi, I did a review for my first multi-tool in my life, and it was Paratool.I was a great \"friend inch to carry all the time around. Small, reliable, a bit not that comfortable to use (I squeezed my fingers few times while using pliers), but still a great tool to have on your belt.after coming to Canada I saw this treasure. The \"PowerLock\"!Of course after a short web search I became a happy owner of this wonderful tool.I didn't heavily used and abused it since there is a limit for everything, and this multitool not a remedy for your total car repair, but there were and I believe still coming many cases where you can apply all those great features it has.When I need to sew the leather, I used it' pliers, and they work great! When I need to make a hole, I use the awl and so on. Problem with the bag during faraway trip.. no problem, help yourself!I used it so many times and liked it so much that bought 3 more, just in case :-)Thank you SOG!!! Keep on your traditions!
Features & Specs
  • Exclusive patented Compound Leverage generates twice the gripping power
  • Satin polished stainless steel handles and plier head