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Click here to buy Barnett Sports & Outdoors Vortex Youth Compound Bow Package by Barnett.
Barnett Sports & Outdoors Vortex Youth Compound Bow Package
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on 10-3-2018.
Item Description

Barnett Vortex Bow Package, 24-45 lbs, 21-27:
  • Will grow with the young archer
  • Standard draw weights from 24 to 45 lbs deliver hours of shooting fun
  • This bow will adjust as low as 16 lbs
  • Adjustable draw modules 
  • Package includes: vamp compound bow with sight, arrow rest, quiver and 3 target arrows with field points
  • Package can be used as carrying case
Buyer Reviews
Good value but while it it has a wide range of draw weights and lengths the ratios are limited. For example: You cannot have a 25lb. draw weight with a 26 inch draw length. There are specific ranges available with the cam inserts and limb bolt adjustments. A 26 inch draw length is adjustable from 40# to 31#. To go below 31# you need to shorten the draw length. Might not be a big deal to some but if you have a new shooter that happens to be big it is impossible to start with a low draw weight of 25# to work on form and mechanics before increasing the draw weight.The sight is marginal and I will soon replace it. The quiver is worthless and I replaced it immediately. The arrows are aluminum and will be good for 1-2 shots downrange before they are bent. Buy some carbon ones before the bow arrives so it can be shot. The arrow rest is a waste of time. Get a Whisper Bisquit or something and call it a day.The quality of the bow itself is very good and surprised me for the dollars. The accessories are where Barnett saves the money. Just know that you will need to spend another $100-$150 or so to get it in usable shooting condition.
Features & Specs
  • Ideal crossbow for youth hunters 
  • Draw weights from 24-45 lbs 
  • Includes crossbow, arrow rest, quiver and 3 arrows