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Coleman Twin Cot Cat Framed Airbed
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on 6-27-2017.
Item Description
The Coleman Twin Cot Cat Airbed with Frame comes with a wheeled storage case for easy transportation. The Coleman Twin Airbed is convenient for camping or for use as a spare bed. Use this framed airbed anytime you need a comfortable place to sleep while away from home.
Buyer Reviews
I bought this bed for my father and set it up in the living room to see hoe easy it was to handle and set up. We were delighted how easy it was and how comfortable it was. It is wide and not difficult to get into or off of like some cots. I was disappointed the air mattress was nearly all the way deflated the next morning. I thought it was possible we did not have the cap plugged properly and thought we should try another night We aired it back up, sat on it, and waited until the next morning. It was flat again, right down to sitting directly on the cot with just the fabric of the air mattress limp. How disappointing! I was unable to upload a photo of the side view of this cot and how a school text book had depressed the mattress about 2 inches within 30 minutes of inflating it to a taught position. No one even slept in the bed either of the nights. I haven't seen another review of this sort and am wondering if I have gotten a lemon and need to return it, but I see the warranty states not to return to the seller, but directly to Coleman. The purchaser is responsible for shipping costs. This thing is heavy and I wonder how much it will cost for shipping. Right now I am feeling I wasted a hundred bucks.
Features & Specs
  • Great for camping
  • Easy to use