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Click here to buy Equate On-The-Go First Aid Kit, 85 count by ASO LLC.
Equate On-The-Go First Aid Kit, 85 count
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on 8-28-2018.
Item Description
  • Includes 49 sheer and fabric antibacterial bandages, 10 butterfly closures, 4 gauze and non-stick pads, 4 antiseptic wipes, 6 alcohol prep pads, 2 triple antibiotic ointments, 2 nitrile exam gloves, 1 cold pack, 2 wooden finger splints, 1 paper tape, 2 cotton-tipped applicators, guide, and case
  • For use on minor cuts, scrapes, sprains, and burns
  • Ideal for home, car, or travel use
  • Antibacterial bandages kill bacteria and help prevent infection
  • Hard case keeps items organized and provides easy access
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
Buyer Reviews
There are a lot of items contained in this small first aid kit. It has gloves, a lot of various sized band-aids, different sizes of gauze, cotton tipped applicators, wooden stick applicators or tongue depressors, triple antibiotic ointment, alcohol pads, medical tape, an instant cold compress, medical tape and steri strips. There is also a first aid guide to help you know how to use what is inside. The case is small but holds a lot. It has red sliding tabs that lock the box to keep children out of it. It is perfect to keep in your car or your medicine cabinet. It has virtually anything you may need for non emergency injuries. It is very condensed and organized. Love it. Everything is kept in one place.
Features & Specs
  • For home, car, or travel
  • Bandages, medicines and more
  • Durable, compact plastic case