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Click here to buy Coleman 40 Lumen LED Camp 4D Battery Lantern by COLEMAN.
Coleman 40 Lumen LED Camp 4D Battery Lantern
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on 7-7-2018.
Item Description

Coleman 40 Lumen LED Camp 4D Battery Lantern:
  • Lantern 4D camp
  • Long-lasting 5mm LED battery lantern
  • 40 lumens
  • 60 hours run time
Buyer Reviews
This lantern is not well designed. The lamp is in the base and points upward. Light reflects off a silvered cone that is attached to the inside of the top. The resultant light is diffuse and is not directed downward, so this is a very poor choice for anyone walking at night. It actually lights the path better when held upside down. It lights a camping tent but is not practical for reading when resting on its base.The handle is plastic and is attached by two plastic shafts that fit into holes at the sides of the top. These shafts or pins are too short, so the handle easily pulls loose.Overall, this is a product that fails to reach the standards that Coleman is famous for. It's almost as though they went looking for a cheap lantern, found one, and then had it manufactured with their name on it. A very disappointing product. There are much better LED lanterns available.
Features & Specs
  • Long-lasting 5mm LED
  • 40 lumens
  • 60 hours run time