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Click here to buy Sightmark Pinnacle 1-6x24AAC Riflescope SM13028AAC by Sightmark.
Sightmark Pinnacle 1-6x24AAC Riflescope SM13028AAC
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on 3-20-2018.
Item Description
Sightmark Pinnacle 1-6x24AAC Riflescope
Buyer Reviews
When my friend invited me out to the range to shoot the Pinnacle 1-6x, I was really excited. The Pinnacle has some really under the radar features that make a big difference whether you are a weekend warrior at the range or an avid hunter. First, the quality of the glass for the Pinnacle is second to none in the world of optics. The Japanese glass that Pinnacles are made with is some of the highest quality in the world and make for a cleaner, crisper image. On top of this, the Pinnacle comes with a scratch resistant lens making it more durable and lessening the chance of damage to the optic during any type of impact. It was produced with such quality that I would feel very comfortable taking it on any hunts that I go on, and feel comfortable shooting this in short and long range situations.
Features & Specs
Sightmark Pinnacle 1-6x24AAC Riflescope