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Coleman Focus Lantern, 50L
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on 1-19-2018.
Buyer Reviews
Great little lantern. Used on camping trips.not 1 single problem. The worst in can say is its not led but you can switch bulb to a l.e.d . The led cost as much as the lantern around $8.00. This lantern is just right for hanging in your tent or lighting for a midnight bathroom break. They seem sturdy my son dropped one on cement at camp and cracked lense but still works like a charm. I did have to change the bulb in one of them. I bought 3. The bulb is placed snug but with the help of a butter knife came out and replaced. The price point is very good on these. I bought mine on clearance for 3.50 apiece. If you need a cheap sturdy light this is a good one to go with
Features & Specs
  • 2-in-1 design: a lantern and flashlight
  • Easily switch between area and directional light