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Click here to buy RWS Model 460 Magnum .22 Air Gun by Umarex.
RWS Model 460 Magnum .22 Air Gun
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on 4-9-2018.
Item Description

RWS Model 460 Magnum .22 Air Gun:
  • The RWS 460 Magnum utilizes an under-lever cocking mechanism that provides superior leverage when cocking the airgun, resulting in less cocking effort than other spring guns
  • The 460 offers magnum velocities of 1200 fps in .177 and 1000 fps in .22
  • With an easy to use top-side loading port, micro adjustable sights, fixed rifled barrel, an 11 mm scope rail and a classic American Sportier stock with rubber butt pad, the 460 magnum delivers the performance, power and grace expected from an RWS rifle
Buyer Reviews
See, with break barrels, the barrel constantly pivots, opening and closing, thus never seats at precisely the same angle. It robs the long shot. If Ima mount a scope, it's primarily for the long shot, so I much prefer the barrel never moves in relation to it. On this rifle, only the lever ever moves. Long range tack driver imo.
Features & Specs
  • Under-lever cocking mechanism
  • 1200 fps in .177 and 1000 fps in .22
  • Easy to use top-side loading port