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Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric Waterless Composting Toilet
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on 7-8-2018.
Item Description
Designed for those who want to truly live off the grid, the Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric Waterless Composting Toilet is a self contained unit that is rated for continual use for two adults or families of three. Available in your choice of colors, this toilet has a 4-inch mounted vent which provides odorless operation. Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, this unit requires drilling into your wall or ceiling for venting.
In 1971 Hardy Sunberg developed the world's first self-contained composting toilet that could be put in a bathroom and would evaporate liquids and compost solids. Over the years he developed a rotating drum with three chambers that would become the foundation for today's toilets. To this day, Sun-Mar remains the world leader in researching and developing composting toilets. From self-contained units, to central units, and even composting toilets that are specially made for RVs and boats, Sun-Mar has over twenty models to choose from, and each is made to fill a specific need. Sun-Mar ensures that each of their toilets take advantage of a using a drum to create compost through aeration and mixing. All Sun-Mar toilets are also certified by the National Sanitation Foundation.
Features & Specs
  • 4-inch mounted vent provides odorless operation
  • Designed for those without a continuous 110 volt supply
  • Rated continuously for 2 adults or families of 3
  • Rated for vacation for 5 adults or families of 7
  • Self contained composting toilet
  • Measures 22.5W x 33D x 32H inches