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Stansport Easy-Go Portable Toilet
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on 11-21-2017.
Buyer Reviews
My body refused to do what it needed to do way too often. This is a WONDERFUL answer when sharing a bathroom must be done. It does take 4 gallon plastic bags sold by Peapod in the USA. Since they're not very thick I suppose I'll use 2. The \"clips inch will not rip any bag, they're only good for 30 gallon bags perhaps. The cone shaped removable portion has great rolled edges to make it easy to hold onto. It holds 17 cups of water leaving 2 inch left at the top. Only when it's full will that part get heavy. It ships via UPS as 12.7 pounds but even with 2 boxes it felt more like 8 pounds to me. I need to use 2 inch of padding on the top or bottom to use it like a stool in front of my writing desk. I cut panty liners to catch any expected condensation and for sound deadening. Don't count on 2 shades of green on the bottom. The seat and top are a lighter green gray. Thanks soooo much to the other commenters that gave their suggestions.
Features & Specs
  • Full size seat
  • Includes with 1 sanitary bag
  • Maximum weight 350 lbs