Ozark Trail Shower Utility Room

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Ozark Trail Shower Utility Room:
  • Essential gear for any avid camper
  • Large mesh roof panels for excellent ventilation
  • Great as a changing utility or shower room
  • Center height: over 7 ft.

I bought this tent for the kids to shower outside of our travel trailer during summer camping trips. After seeing them lining up to use it, not to mention the LARGE size of the tent I tried it out myself. My 5 year old showered with me and I had enough room to have a table setup with shampoo and soap. Also I was able to hang 3 towels out of the way but inside so that we could dry off without opening the tent, so dressing was also extremely easy. The bottom is a nice heavy duty vinyl, like a typical tent. The water drains out of the tent through small mesh sections on three sides of the tent, they are about 2" in height and run the length of each side. There is a hook in the top of the tent to hang a solar water bag, however we use our camper's outside shower by popping the hose through a velcor corner water access point and the velcro holds the nozzle in place perfectly. Setup was about 5 minutes and cleanup was just as easy, I just dried the bottom off with dirty towels and it was ready to be packed up. I highly recommend this tent and I'm looking forward to many more 'summer showers'!!!

At Walmart on 4-30-2012.