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Taylor 1506 Wireless Color Weather Station With Clock
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on 4-9-2018.
Item Description
The Taylor-1506 Wireless Weather Station is finished in black and silver and stands 7-1/2 tall. The backlit color display includes color bars for temperature and humidity and animated twinkling stars and moon phase display. The Taylor 1506 has a detachable stand that allows it to stand on a table or nightstand, or it may be hung on a wall. The display backlight is on continuously when the included power supply is used. When operating on batteries, the display is illuminated momentarily by pressing the snooze button.Highlights:Monitors indoor temperatureRead outdoor temperature indoorsRecall Min/Max temperaturesDisplays temperature trendsIndoor humidity readingOutdoor humidity readingColor Bar for temp & humidityDisplays dew point and heat indexAtomic alarm clock and calendarAnimated moon phaseF and C switchableWireless remote sensorIndoor temperature measuring range: %2B32Specifications:The display of the Taylor 1506 has three sections. The top section is the atomic clock section which displays the time in your choice of 12 or 24 hour format, in 1/2 numbers. The Atomic clock within the Taylor 1506 receives WWVB time broadcasts from the atomic clock standard in Ft. Collins Colorado and precisely sets itself, assuring split second accuracy. By pressing the clock button, the clock display can be changed from time, to date (in your choice of month/day or day/month), or day of the week. This display is also used for setting the alarm clock, and contains icons representing successful atomic clock reception, and alarm clock status.The second section of the Taylor 1506 display makes up the largest portion of the display. On the left is a color bar that represents temperature, starting with blue at the bottom representing lower temperatures, climbing to red at the top. This bar display can represent your choice of indoor temperature, the remote temperature sensed by the included temperature sender, or one of one or two additional locations (additional sensors may be purchased separately). Next is the moon phase display. The phase of the moon is displayed, along with animated twinkling stars. On the right is a color bar representing the humidity at the chosen indoor or remote location.The bottom section of the display normally displays indoor temperature (in degrees F or C) and humidity, in 1/2 digits, or the temperature and humidity for your choice of remote locations. The temperature display can also display either heat index or dew point for the selected location. Also displayed are temperature and humidity trend arrows, and comfort level. By pressing the memory button, you may also display the maximum or minimum values reached for temperature, humidity, heat index or dew point for any of the locations since the last time the memory was cleared.
Buyer Reviews
Easy readout and operation with outstanding features. Only problem so far is \"Outside inch reading is sometimes way off (ie. 100F when it's actually in the 20's outside). Not sure if placement of remote unit or base is problem but it does correct itself and goes back and forth between right and wrong reading.
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Taylor 1506 Wireless Color Weather Station With Clock