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KaBar Becker Companion Knife
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on 7-5-2018.
Item Description

KaBar Becker Companion Knife:
  • Blade detail: Plain
  • Blade length: 5 1/4
  • Blade material: 1095 Cro-Van Steel
  • Blade color: Black
  • Handle material: Grivory
  • Overall length: 10 1/2
  • Flat knife weight: 1.0lb
  • Edge angle: 20n Degrees
  • Grind: Flat
Buyer Reviews
The knives Ka-Bar are shipping now (as of 2017) seem to be the third generation of the BK2. First generation had issues with the sheathes dulling the blade, and second generation ended when they stopped stamping the logo in the blade & started laser etching it.When my knife arrived the screws in the sheath were loose enough to have easily fallen out. I remedied this with a little 242 thread lock & removed any worry about the grip screws loosening up by replacing them with SS bolts with Nyloc nuts. Other than that, the knife is everything you'd want it to be! Has held up well with use, and is comfortable enough to wear everyday that you forget it's there. I'd also tried out a kydex sheath with a tec-loc. BAD IDEA! The factory sheath puts the knife down lower on your side than aftermarket sheaths, and that's a GOOD THING! If the butt of the BK2 (or I guess ANY knife) is higher than the top of your belt while sheathed, and you jump into your car, or sit down most anywhere. The pummel nails you in the side or ribs when it pushes up. The flexibility of the original sheaths nylon part also allows you to position the knife around seat belts or cushions. So save your money & forget the ninjas who insist you need Kydex. Having compared the factory sheath material to the (US made) kydex side by side, I'm telling you the factory material is more durable too!It's a great, TOUGH knife! With a much better sheath than internet ninjas would lead you to believe!Walmart says it's 1065 steel in their listing. This is of course just a typo, & the knife you get IS Ka-Bar factory fresh 1095 Crovan steel.
Features & Specs
  • Companion Knife
  • 1065 Cro-Van Steel
  • Black