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Zodi Outback Gear Extreme Shower
In stock at Cabelas
on 6-5-2018.
Item Description
Featuring a 6-ft. nonkinking shower hose, water-saving showerhead, water temperature indicator and convenient shower pole holder, Zodi's Outback Gear Extreme Shower makes cleaning up in the great outdoors quick, simple and super-comfortable. Simply add water, heat to temp with your two-burner gas/propane stove and pressurize using the durable metal hand pump – no batteries required – and you're good to go. Water heats to 100°F in as little as five minutes and the temperature is easily monitored via the handy thermometer strip included on the side of the shower. Industrial-grade on/off valve controls water flow. Durable stainless steel construction stands up to repeated transport and use in a variety of environments.
8.4"L x 8.4"W x 22.5"H.
Wt: 7.8 lbs.
Features & Specs
  • Simply add water, heat and pressurize for a warm shower
  • Tough stainless steel construction stands up to all your adventures
  • Metal hand pump pressurizes system quickly without batteries
  • 6-ft. shower hose and water-conserving showerhead
  • On/off water-control valve